Tonight I am driving back to my home town.

This Raya is in a way quite different from my previous Raya. People close to me might know why. I am in no mood to elaborate here, but I believe avid readers of this blog will understand why. It is almost a year and the pain is still very much there.

However reflecting on what I have went through this one year, I could not but be grateful. I am closer to my family, I get to travel to foreign places, I live life at 100%, I enjoy giving more, I learn new stuff and underwent new experience, even in business I fill my time with something more exciting and challenging but still enjoyable.

I did not purposely try to be busy 100% of the time, but I am grateful I am busy. It take my focus away from the painful things and keep me positively occupied with something more beneficial.

This Raya also will be my first time giving out Ang Pow packets. 🙂

But kids, hehe… Don’t expect much. I don’t believe in giving money easily to people, especially if they don’t prove they deserve it, however it is still a good tradition to have, so I will still do it. Sabriza is getting the most expensive Ang Pow of all from me, an Ivory White Dell laptop after Ummairah step into her old one and broke it.

To avoid Ummairah getting into trouble (as she sat for UPSR this year), Sabriza and me decided that we will cover up for her and just tell our parents that she want a new laptop and I decided to buy her one. (Now, lucky Ummairah she had me as her brother right?)

Ummar is getting a Risk board game while Ummairah is getting a Monopoly SpongeBob theme board game.

Tomorrow I plan to bring my siblings to start our Basket drive and also maybe to Popular. For kids below 12 I think it is acceptable to give RM 2 ang pow while for cousins who are elder I am thinking of giving them book. A specific title actually. I think that’s all from me.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to everyone except H! 🙂


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