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He’s Not That Into You? Worst Movie Ever!

When”He’s Not That Into You” hit the local cinemas, I was excited. I thought. “Well another good chickflick to enjoy”  (after COAS). Plus I recall seeing somewhere in my sis blog, look like she and her friends are totally into it. Should be fun. 🙂


But apparently not.


The movie itself is okay. Its not bad.


But I think the messages that the movie are trying to deliver are totally misleading AND downright stupid!


This is not a movie you should watch with your girlfriend. Especially if she is naive and not so mature. 


From what I understand, this movie tell us that it is okay for you to leave a relationship under the pretext, that “the spark is not there“.


Which is not totally untrue. BUT, the movie should highlight more on what of the actor says which I will rephrase:


“Guys made girls believe the spark exists. But it’s not! Guys created this spark by manipulating on the girl emotions and insecurity. ”

He plays hard to get, and at the same time he flatter her and sweep her off her feet. She is confused and the guys true feeling seems so mysterious and elusive to the girl. And the girl want to unravel this mystery. In this process, she feel something different. Of course she feels something different because in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), this is what we call as “breaking the patten”. 


When you “break the pattern”, or in layman terms you do something different from what you used to, of course you will feel some sensation.


And girls think this artificial sensation is love.


I don’t swear, but this is totally bs!


The sensation is so totally over commercialized. The dating guru over exploit this, and Hollywood movies create a mountain out of this mole. Its a cospiracy on a bigger proportion that Hang Tuah folklore. Not that I don’t believe it, but it has been overly repeated until we are not sure whether he exist or not. And if he exists whether he is really invicible or not. And if his is really invicible, whether it is Hang Jebat (Hikayat Hang Tuah) or Hang Kasturi (Sejarah Melayu) that he killed.


The same with this love spark thingy. 


And just in case you are in a relationship and you do feel “the spark”, know this. When you focus your attention and really believe in something, you will think its true. (have you heard of placebo effect?)


Totally bs!


To be fair to the movie, it shows both side of the coin. It also shows that in a relationship (Jennifer Aniston with I don’t know who), you can have love without having the spark. But it negates it by showing the other couple broke up because they did not have the spark anymore.


This is dangerously risky. For a mature and intelligent women, they can see and discern this.


But for naive girls that are often confused, what they really want. The movie will mislead them.


Not that one movie can influence girls, BUT the movie try to portray a fallacy that’s already on our mind as a truth, somebody will definitely believe it.


Some of my critics will say, life is unfair. And the movie is practical. It shows the reality.


Yeah I can agree that to some extent the movie is just portraying what already out there. But by showing it like that, it gave credibility to something that is not true.


Its absurd.



Doesn’t mean that if other people believe it,and they think its the truth and we should believe it too.



Not too long ago, public believe than Sun revolve around the earth. But they are proven wrong!


I believe we can create our destiny.


I also believe in qada & qadar.


But I also believe that God has promised us, he will grant whatever we asked, if we asked Him and worked for it (to summarize it of course). HE also went on to say, He wont change anyone unless that person change himself.



But to blame everything on qada & qadar, jodoh maut dan ajal according to our whim and fancy (which changes with time) of course is not correct!


Because from what I know and from what I learned,jodoh are supposed to be determined already. 


When first you say this is your jodoh and later you say its not, that’s wrong! That’s bullshit. That’s not jodoh. THAT’s YOU.


Why say “Takde jodoh” when its really you?









Maybe it looks like I am venting my anger. Yes I am angry.


I like to watch chickflick, I find it entertaining. But I couldn’t watch a movie with stupid messages. I am angry when a movie try to make it audience believe that they are a loser. And losers’ life is cool. That’s so totally wrong!



The take away from this post is:



I believe we can create our destiny.


I also believe in qada & qadar.


But I also believe that God has promised us, he will grant whatever we asked, if we asked Him and worked for it (to summarize it of course). HE also went on to say, He wont change anyone unless that person change himself.




And don’t be stupid. If you have to choose between good and bad, you always go for the good one. Especially if its man. Justifying why you have to choose the bad one because it seems cool, THAT’S living in denial.


His Awesomeness,



p/s: Phewww. That was brutal. I am still kind and nice though. 🙂

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  1. and to think that chickflick made you to write all the bad words?
    bukan israeli issue?
    bukan najib jadi PM?

    hmph. dunia ini pelik.
    no let me rephrase,
    abang saya pelik.

  2. admin

    I already have a “serious” blog lah K. Ana…

    Actually sekali baca memang this post is about chick flick. But, if you read it twice or read between the lines, its actually a David and Goliath battle I am waging, so to speak.

    I am a social activist. :p

    I am changing the world one gullible person at a time.

    What I am trying to say here is that Movies are trying to feed our mind with self limiting belief which are not true.

    This limiting belief is paralyzing paralyzing our nations and our country potential.

    I think this is more important that Malaysian and Palestine issues combined. (I am not ignorant, but I will explain)

    For me, Malaysian politicians are similar to Palestine & Israel politicians.

    They purposely elongate the misery of their people through their divide and rule policy to gain political mileage. This is happening even in Palestine with Fatah & Hamas faction.

    To give them attention, is to encourage them and to give them legitimacy.

    Been there, done that. Its futile though.

    Don’t get me wrong. I pity the innocent people, but their own leaders are killing their own people. Not the enemy.

    Plus, Allah berfirman, Dia tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu bangsa itu selagi mereka tidak mengubah diri mereka sendiri.

    In conclusion, I just choose a different battlefield. A battlefield where I can make a REAL differences.

    Wisekan abang mu ini? 😉



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