I do not suffer from Monday’s blues. I enjoy my work and well every day is just as great and awesome for me.

However, I am glad this weekend is over. Not that I don’t enjoy it nor I am bored at home, (far from it actually). I don’t know why, but this weekend I over-reminiscence a lot.

And today, I officially achieved a target of mine set around 2 years ago. I thought this will take at least 1 and half years to do, but I manage to get it done in just 3 months ~officially~ with relative ease. Alhamdulillah and I am grateful for that.

What is that target?

Memenuhkan tabung kahwin. I just made the final deposit into that jar. It will be there until the time it is required without anybody touching it.

So, if I decided I want to get married tomorrow, I can. Without a need to haggle for a cheaper dowry (but of course, I will still do). 😉 And if it is required for me to change my car first before the big day, that can also be arranged with ease.

However, how time flies.

What is unpredictable 2 years ago, is predictably easy today. If I know how easy it is, it definitely will save a lot of arguments. What looks like stable 2 years ago, did not exist anymore today.  And of course, its not anyone fault (read your email). I have come to realize that.

Now, if and only if I can share this good news with someone…

Best Regards

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