This weekend, I embark on a spontaneous journey.

I don’t plan anything, my knowledge about the place I am going is near zero. I even purchase the ticket on the same day.

Nasi Ayam Penyet

I want to say this journey meant to heal a broken heart. To rest and reflect on what had happened. It makes a nice and a touching story. But its not. I have concluded that chapter of my life. I am not thinking of it anymore. I have decided weeks ago that my heart can only be opened only by Miss Perfect Right. I am committed being single forever if no perfect Ms Right is found.

I don’t believe in getting married because the time has come, because of peer pressure and such. Saya juga tidak percaya yang its hard to find Miss Perfect if you are not perfect yourself. I know this argument is my sis’s favourite argument. This, for me is a limiting belief.

Jika seseorang itu suka hanya kepada orang yang perfect, dia bukanlah perfect. I admit I am not perfect. And I have a lot of flaws. Tapi siapa kata orang yang tak sempurna tak boleh mengimpikan orang yang sempurna?

Semua orang boleh suka seseorang yang sempurna. Tidak ada masalah. Haiwan pun suka dengan manusia yang sempurna, semestinya. Tetapi, hanya orang yang sempurna yang boleh menerima orang yang tidak sempurna. Dan orang yang sempurna inilah yang saya cari. If you get what I meant.

Ada orang akan menggunakan salah suatu dari dua quotes ini sebagai respons:

Pertama, lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik.

Kedua, jangan impikan isteri setabah Khadijah jika diri tidak sesempurna Muhammad S.A.W.

My sis got an earful from me when she brought up this quote. I explained it differently with my sis and my mum, which I wont repeat here because it is too controversial. Suffice to say, they see my point of argument.

For you my readers I will let you arrive at the conclusion yourself, if you believe in the above quotes.

– Apa definisi baik?
– Siapa yang bagi definisi tu?
– Match kan sama ada berdasarkan definisi tersebut, quotes tersebut apply.

I have a different set of belief. I don’t want my life being limited by what other people perceive as true, nor being subjected to other people opinions.

I know my brother and sisters will have a lot of kids, so I wont be that lonely if I could not find my Miss Perfect Right (not just Miss Right, she must be perfect as well).

This journey is to prove to myself that anyone can make something happen, although to majority of people it seems crazy and impossible. If you believe in yourself and stay committed to your goals, did not lose focus, you can.

If you stop finding excuses to explain why you can’t and instead focusing on to make it happened, it will happen even sooner.

Stop rationalizing your failure, stop telling lies to yourself, get rid of that limiting belief.


p/s: More pictures coming…

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