This is a lesson I learned when I am in form 5. I was SEMASHUR’s first chief editor. That was one of my dreams in school. I don’t know you, but I see the editorial board as some of the coolest people in the school. They have personality. However, unlike SABS (where I study in form 1 to 3), SEMASHUR being a new school, we have to start from zero.

In April, I get my team. A lot can be said here, but that’s for another time. Just as a summary, the team is less than ideal, however I take full responsibility for chaos that happened. I think I am a weak leader at that time. Even with a less than ideal team, if I am more assertive and proactive I think the situation can be better. How I wish I know what I know now at that time.

This is what I will do different:

At that time, I don’t just get a team. The members’ were already assigned their respective position by our advisor. I notice that some of the member’s are not assigned for what they did best. (Eg: A student with designing talent not assigned as designer but for other position, etc). And I have this stupid limiting belief, I strive to do the best with what is given to me and our advisor who assign the position know best. Which is not the case, he later told me he just randomly fill the position in (when I asked him whether I can reshuffle the portfolion when it is a little bit too late). He agreed to my proposal instantly at that time.

How I wish I did it sooner.

So a lesson learned, never assume you have to do something the way it is given to you. Always ask, always try to do something your way if possible and if you are confident your way is a better way.

Don’t afraid to deviate. Don’t afraid to try new things if you follow the correct procedure. Don’t afraid to innovate.

Be it in your life, be it in your career.



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