Sometimes I think friendship is better than loves. On the wall beside my bed is a frame containing notes from my friends about me. It was voluntary and written only because they feel I have somehow touch their life. I was blessed to read their kind, honest and sincere words.

I use to have similar notes written by someone I used to love (luckily I don’t frame it)

What I figure out is your lovers can make a u turn and suddenly say that she never ever meant what she wrote (although it was documented again and again and again for few years) and you can do nothing about it. And you have to finally resigned to the fact that you have lose her.

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Plus you have to bear in mind that all the notes, letters and emails are useless because the writer herself has no integrity that usually what cause the relationship to crumble in the 1st place.

But with friends, I believe this rarely happened. They have no motive to make you feel good and document it and if they do, you can indeed be sure that they are genuine.

Plus if a 10+ people consistently saying the same traits they see in you, you can be sure that it is true. Later on in life, one or two might have their integrity compromised, but definitely not all.

Lots of love and gratitude,


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