By any standard today was a hectic day. Immediately after the plane touch down, I hit the ground running. Devising strategy, tweaking store layout for maximum efficiency, preparing marketing material, checking inventory and also training staffs.

Never before I felt so grateful for all the learning that I have gone through before and for all the things that I have experienced. It makes these 2 days the most hectic but at the same time immensely gratifying seeing what you built from scratch take off from the ground. It involves a lot of factor and a lot of people.

And the result, it is immensely successful. It is not exactly beyond my dream, but they are exactly the result what I aim for. Actually it is a little bit better because it is decided that F will fly to Kuching again next weekend to built on the momentum we have started.

And for this to be achieved in a disadvantageous situation, it is more unbelievable! 🙂

Due to some logistical and unforeseen issue by the management, our booth are completely hidden by 3 Toyotas which are parked as a demo unit beside our booth.

However with sheer determination, right mix of motivation to the staff and street smart know how by yours truly, we manage to turn things around. Even the Toyota guys must be impressed with us. For a few times they came to our booth wondering why nobody is at their booth while we have more than we can handle.

And for the icing on the cake, we did record sales 2 days in a row!

For Saturday I thought we are lucky and because we worked so hard, I doubt we will be able to pull it off again on Sunday. We are a spent force. But I was wrong. Sunday was even better!

I like to tribute 2 people who contribute to this success:

1) F whose attention to details, smart analytical mind and people management skill that help to bring out the best from the small team that we have.

2) A, our rockstar agent with high conversion ratio of visitor to buyer. I think he is at 40%! Superb.

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