Somebody tell me (and I believe somebody else tell her that), I always get what I want in life.

I am not too proud of it because it’s bordering “takbur”, but yeah, I silently want to believe so.

First, I like to clarify that I get what I want not because I was born with a silver spoon in mouth or because I have a shit load of money I can do anything I want about it. I got what I want from life because I worked hard to get it and because I let nothing stop me from getting it. Sometimes I am strategic, most of the time I just steamrolled my way.

It help also by having a small list of what you want (I don’t want fancy cars, flashy gadgets etc).

I don’t like being told I can’t do something for whatsoever reason that is beyond my control.

If I really want to do something and was told for whatsoever reason that is beyond my control I can’t, you can bet I will find a way to do it. Sometimes it might cost me a little bit more, most of the time I have to be a little bit more resourceful to find a better way to get around the blocking wall.

Randy Pausch in his final lecture says that the wall is not there to stop you. The wall is there to stop people who are not deserving and people who do not really want what they are after.

I do not give up.

A lot of people give crappy excuse why they can’t and why they don’t deserve something.

I hate people like these. They are not only tormenting themselves but they are also being unfair to others. I don’t care if people like this do harm to themselves, but I am riled up if it affect others which they sure will do.

On a related story. I plan to visit the Angkor Watt temple this August with my housemates. I have even booked the flight ticket and hotel. Two days ago I just realize that the date clash with my convocation ceremony date.

No big deal, I will have to cancel the trip. But deep in my heart, I know I still want to go there, if I can’t go then, I will go now. I don’t want the convocation become the wall that stop me from going to Cambodia. Its very pathetic!

Then I started checking the available dates. My heart want to go this month (because Ramadhan starts in August). But my head says its not a wise choice. My sister is coming home and everyone in my family will come to KL. Effectively we will be having a short vacation in KL. Two vacations in a month sounds too much, what more if I am the one who will be paying for both.

So last night I slept promising myself to follow my head and not my heart.

This morning, my heart acted up. I should not go in July. But I can still go in August, September or next year! So I checked the available date, I found out that early August, there is another irresistible deal for a trip to Siem Reap (angkor watt). I make a quick analysis with my head and my head could not find any credible objection.

I did not give up. A clash on date does not mean I should give up on my plan. When you really want something, doors will somehow open up for you.

So Angkor Watt, I am still coming this August!


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