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Wanted : An Adik Angkat for July Till October

I am writing this post while lying on my bed. Obviously I am not using a computer, so my apology if it’s shorter than usual. Suddenly feel like in the mood to jot down something.


I spoke to my sister tonight for about 17 minutes (spending RM 17 in the process). It’s ironic actually. We talked a lot on the phone and she is more than willing to call me while she is in the UK. But I betcha, when she is in Malaysia, she will not call me even once although it is far cheaper. She will be busy shopping, gossipping and what not with her buddies.

So in anticipation for Sabriza’s homecoming this July, there will be one empty slot for someone else to be my ‘sister’. Anybody is looking for a charming and kind hearted ‘abang angkat’? 😉

Kindly leave your phone number in the comment section.


My sister made me realize that a lot of people did not have a good conversational skill. Here’s a tip.

When speaking with someone you did not know well enough, but would like to strike a good rapport with him or her, always treat the conversation as a ping pong game.

Always ask open ended questions and when answering a questions, always counter questions the person. Never let them feel like they are interogating you. Do not give a conclusive answer, instead answer just enough so that the other person can pick on the answer and asked another questions.

This is true and applicable in real conversations, emails or even SMS.

You will start to notice how easy it is to have a good and enjoyable conversation with more people. 😉

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  1. asmaa

    ehem2 boleh dapat 5+1 mcm dlm celcom tu? sy masuk bawah line sabri ye 😉

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