1. I am grateful for the adequate sleep that I had the night before.

2. I am grateful every member of my family is in the house.

3. I am grateful my mom ironed all our Raya dresses. (my siblings iron their’s back because they are not satisfied- I don’t care 😉  )

4. I am grateful my parents are still healthy and very much alive.

5. I am grateful for all the noises we make in the morning. (Our house is unique, after Ummar, Sabriza & me went to further our study, our neighbours told my mum our house was unusually quiet)

6. I am grateful we all have new Raya Baju Melayu & Baju Kurung & family’s samping to wear.

7. I am grateful to hear the Takbir in the air.

8. I am grateful we have water to take shower.

9. I am grateful that we have 3 car going in different directions. My dad, My Mom & my sisters, me & my brother.

10. I am grateful I have an understanding younger brother.

11. I am grateful my tuk still cook tasty meal (although K. Ana manage to spoil the recipe somewhat)

12. I am grateful I can still eat real Ketupat, Lemang & Rendang.

13. I am grateful I can still eat beef, and drinks sweet syrup.

14. I am grateful I still have uncles & aunties and visiting them make me realise and learn something about life.

15. I am grateful I can do a small favor to them and they appreciate it.

16. I am grateful one of my uncle is recovering well from stroke.

17. I am grateful my car is good enough to be used for our balik kampung journey.

18. I am grateful my grandmother is still alive.

19. I am grateful for the family members that I have. My own family and our extended family. We have different ideologies and different beliefs, but each of them teach me something that I cherish and make me realize how valuable the experience is.

I am grateful for the joyous Raya that I have.


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