1. Don’t believe it when people tell you, you are not worthy of something good. This weekend, I have experienced a wonderful personal breakthrough (a personal note for myself is here). But for you, I will leave you with an analogy.

If your school teacher said you are stupid, don’t believe him. I make a mistake when I did. Although externally I am denying it and consistently telling myself I am not but internally I was resigned to accept that label.

Until this weekend when 2 professors tell me that I am clever and they want me to do an open heart surgery on them. At that moment I discover, “Hey, I am not stupid! If I am stupid, these professors won’t allow me to operate them”.

This is just an analogy (I don’t want to sound shallow repeating my sad story over and over again, hence I use a smart, meaningful analogy). My teacher in this story might be your teacher, parents, wife or girlfriend. Whatever it is do not settle for what they assume you can achieve, always strive to maximize your potential.


2. I learned a lot from my weekend retreat in Bali. A lot of it was personal and some of them are very powerful that make me think, rethink and adjust my life values & priorities.

If you notice, I started another section in this blog called “An empowering notes to myself“. Some of the notes are too personal to be publish publicly, I have to password protect it.

However, do not worry. Whenever I learned a lessons that I think can benefit you, I will share.

Some of you might think, “What Sabri is thinking about? He has achieve something quite significantly in a relatively young age”.

Very true and agreed.

But in this world there are a lot of things you can do and excel at. I am not looking for achievement anymore, its in my DNA already. I am seeking for more fulfillment and significance now.

And if you are like my sister, Sabriza you might have an easy answer for this. But no.

I am not looking for THAT type of answer. I am looking for a more specific, step by step answer that can fulfill me. Fulfillment is a lot of things. And Sabriza, I DO truly know what you want to say. Don’t.

Lots of love


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