I have been planning to write about this for some time but couldn’t find the time to do it and whenever the opportunity came I kind of not in the mood. However, today I think I have both the mood and the time. So here it goes.

What Does It Mean to Be An Adult?

I have spent some time thinking about the answers to the above question. The weird thing is, whenever I thought about it, I keep getting different answers. But lately, the same one keep reappearing in my head. Maybe its a hint to me that finally I almost found the correct answer.

So, What Does Being an Adult Mean to Me?

For me, it means I am making smarter choices in life. Before, I don’t like to drink plain water. I prefer sweet drink instead (a few times a day). I also don’t eat any vegetables. Now, I drank a lot of plain water every day (nearly 8 glasses a day if not more). I also significantly reduce my sugar intake (once a day only, if any) and start eating my vegetables, at least once a day.

The best part is, it has become a habit.

Means, I am not struggling to do that anymore. It has become a habit for me. When offered sweet drinks, it is perfectly normal for me to decline and asked for plain water instead. I am also willing to pay RM 1.50 to buy mineral water than to spend the same amount to buy Coke or juice. That’s a significant change for me.

Making Friends as an Adult

Being an adult also means I am less susceptible to peer pressure and I am ever ready to put my feet down and stand up for myself instead of being pushed around. I am perfectly happy only to be close to people that I want to and do not feel compelled to entertain and befriend everybody, especially if I thought they are a negative influence.

Nobody can force me to do something that I don’t want to do.

Living Life and Achieving Success in Life

I have a colourful past. I am pretty satisfied with it and I can honestly say I achieve a lot. However, this past few days I am thinking and benchmarking myself. What am I doing right now? What track I am on as of now?

Then, a realization hit me and I am grateful for that.

I realize that I am living my dream and I could not ask for a better today than what I am going through. This is the best day of my life! I am still writing my life-book and the prospect is bright.

I am grateful for the achievements of my past and very grateful for the achievements I am creating today and achievements I will be creating tomorrow. I know for a fact not many adults can claim so, a lot carries a lot of regrets and baggage with them.

This is important because I realize I am not living in my past. I am not wishing for a better future either. But I am busy, creating the life that I want to be in. Busy being present. What a really wonderful feeling to have and I am forever grateful to Allah for blessing me.

For me, these are what it means to be an adult.

In the next articles, I will wrote more about decision-making as an adult. 🙂

Mucho Gracias!

Young Adult

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