About 6 months ago, the HR person in my company said to me, “One of your task now is to clone yourself. You have to train the new people that will come to be as awesome as you.”

At that moment, I realize that it will be a complicated task. I can control how I react and respond, but I can’t control other people and what they decided to do. It is almost an impossible task.

But today, I am proud to say as a team we have done tremendously well. My team members are not my clone per se, but we share the same passion and I can say that we are equally competent at a similar level. I think I did quite well in managing and in the same time training them to be competent at the job. It gave me the utmost satisfaction seeing them progress and becoming a better and better person every day.

They are the guinea pig in my experiment to hone my leadership skill (so you can trust my leadership tips, they are all tried and tested). 😉

Two things I learned in these process:

  1. As a leader, it is not always about you. Sometimes you need to let the people you lead to shine. Give them space to grow and grow they will be. Inspire them. When they grow bigger, you will become bigger as well.
  2. Nothing is impossible if you are passionate and determined in accomplishing that impossible task.

Have an Awesome 2010! 🙂


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