What is the second most valuable thing you can ever had in life guys?



It is experience.

Btw, the first one is your knowledge. Close second is experiences.

As the wise old man in the Count of Monte Cristo film said, “Materials and freedom, people can take from you. But nobody can take away what you know.” (paraphrasing)

Life is Fascinating

Enjoy and appreciate the experiences. What do I mean by experiences?

Still remember your first day at school?

The day when your father/mother walked you to school? The day when they are standing just outside your classroom for at least 30 minutes (some stay for hours and days!) to make sure you don’t cry. Remember that moment? What that makes you feel? Sentimental? 🙂

Still remember the first day you … ?

Still remember the first time you … ?

Kerap kali bila saya berbual dengan orang yang hidupnya dalam “Auto-pilot”, seolah-olah tiada tujuan hidup ataupun orang yang merasakan hidupnya bosan dan tidak bermakna, biasanya mereka ini telah lupa all the “experiences” dalam hidup mereka.

Their memory is limited. Mereka telah lupa kepada kenangan-kenangan yang satu masa dahulu membuat mereka sedih dan gembira. Biasanya hati mereka telah menjadi kenyal.

It’s a waste.

Experiences are what define us, and experiences gave our life meaning.

Remember and cherish all those memories but don’t let that memories overwhelm or make you sad. Just know, if used correctly, experiences can make you stronger.

Example, people often asked me why I always smile. Usually I got this questions when I am in front of my PC. Because for no reason sometimes I will smile or chuckle by myself. My colleagues thought I am reading email or chatting with some hot girls somewhere, but actually I am just reminiscing my past.

It’s easier to go through sticky times when you are armed with wonderful memories to get you going. 🙂

Speaking of experiences, here a video I recorded last week during my visit to Stadium Darul Makmur. My mom asked me to send Ummairah to her Prefectorial Board dinner and while waiting to fetch her back, I reckon it will be nice to go to the Stadium just for the heck of it. To soak in the atmosphere. My last time there if I am not mistaken was when I am in Standard 2 (17 years ago~just saying this make me feel really old!).

It’s quite lively I must say. 🙂


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