I am currently attending a course. It is a 16 days course designed to made your blood go green (emerald green to be exact) ~in the words of our facilitator. It is definitely a good experience and a good program. One biggest take away for me (there should be a few-but as I have gone through numerous courses before, I have learned pretty much of it before)

If you have followed this blog for some time, you will notice that I don’t have that many self limiting belief and I don’t pay that much attention to peoples’ perception. However, as a normal human being, sometimes I do let other people impose their limiting belief on me. It is happening¬†unconsciously. And I am reminded again, it is not a nice feeling to be living with this self limiting belief.

Perception is just a view point. Most of the time it is biased and skewed. It is proven time and time again for me during this course.

For example in my case, I am slightly overweight. Hence, people close to me always assume that I am unfit.

And because I could not care less of what people think of me, I don’t mind. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This include people who are dear (or once was) to me.¬†Unconsciously, this influence me as well.

In this course we are doing a few outdoor physical activities which require strength and fitness.

And each time, I became nervous. As this will be a team activity and each person was required to pass it before the whole group can move on, I became more agitated. I don’t want to be the person who let the team down. But apparently my worry was unfounded. I did quite well, and in some activity I directly contributed to the team achievements (we clocked the best time in a few activities and won the volleyball competition -overcoming a gap of 14 points from behind to win, thanks to yours truly serve).

In another case, during our CSR visit to Zoo Negara, I helped the zoo keeper to move few sacks of pellets (50kg each), something which I don’t know I can still do (once upon a time ago, I am able to do that, before I let people perception creeps in).

I found my confidence back in doing physical activities. I am normal. I can’t understand how I can let other people opinion affect my own valuation of myself. I am very fit and able to participate actively in outdoor activities!

Conclusion for this post; I know this is super cheesy and dramatic. But I still want to say it although it sounds very weird. I feel like a man again. :p

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