After procrastinating for about 10 months (MONTHS mind you!), finally I have completed my list of values and life statement’s. From time to time, it might change but I think the core of what I am about was captured beautifully in it.

Life’s statement is your summary guide to make sure that you stay on track. Whenever you are down or happy, this document can be the tool you use to get out of the rut or to keep your feet grounded. It gives clarity to your life so you will know exactly your direction, not a vague one.

I have the excel version, which I print and put on my work table, and I also like to share the digital version here on this blog with you. Click Here to read it. (or check under “About Me>Values and Rules”)

And if you too create your own, share with me! I will give feedback. 🙂

Tribute to all my mentors who guide me on how to come up with this one and my colleague, Evan for sharing with me his so that I have an idea for my own.

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