New year celebration was a low key event for me last night. Two years ago I watched the fireworks from a restaurant near KLCC, last year I watched the fireworks in front of Singapore’s City Hall. This year I don’t watch any fireworks. I just landed from Alor Setar as during the day I drove my sister to Jitra from Kuantan in her car.

During the long drive I spent some time reviewing the past year and what 2011 will be for me.

Then I realize that my goals for 2011 are pretty “soft”. It is very contingent upon something happening in my life. If that thing didn’t happened, I guess that the goals are not exciting enough for me as I believe I can achieve more. 2011 will still be a year where I focus on health and fitness, that still stand just maybe I will intensify the effort.

And although I said 2011 will be the year I focus on health and fitness, it seems that my plan does not reflect that. I wrote just a paragraph on it. This is something I need to fix. I will write more about it later.

Solving Problems & Overcoming Issues

I think I am a pretty good problem solver. I can recall many times last year where I am faced with very challenging situations, some of it I can only control part of it but I still manage to navigate through them successfully. I think the key is understanding the situation, assessing your strengths & weaknesses, have game plans and stick through it.

However when I am faced with a situation where I am blind, and don’t know where I am, with no clues to help me and feeling quite helpless, its a little bit depressing (a lot actually). Lucky for me its not something that happened often, but still when it happened it gave me headaches. Imagine what you feel when you are in a middle of a crossroad in a place you don’t know, and everything look foreign to you. And you know you still have hundred of kilometres to go in the journey. Which way will you take? 🙂

I am not in a position where I can say much, hopefully I make this through though! 🙂

Happy 2011 Nonetheless! 🙂



One thing I could say to myself so that I feel better is (beware-wishful thinking mode), anything can happen in a year. It is a pretty long time. I certainly didn’t expect 2010 to be such an eventful year with so much opportunities. So who knows, 2011 might be a better one! 😉

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