Sabriza sedang mencuba-cuba untuk membuat cup cake kebelakangan ini dan telah upload beberapa picture di Facebook. I don’t want to discourage her actually, but hmm… I feel I wanted to show her what a REAL cup cakes look like. Maybe she will get the hint. hehe… :p

Btw Kak Ana, this is made in Kuantan by one of my ex-classmates. This IS cup cakes.

Sebagai moral support, I think I can say this about my sister. I believe she can turn things around. Yes! 😉

Dalam masak-memasak ni, she is indeed a little bit slow. You should see her first dish. I still remember the chicken masak something which does not look or taste like chicken at all. Only Ummar (perut tong sampah) is able to muster enough courage to eat it. Even she herself was a little bit hesitant to eat her own cooking. haha…

But that’s like 12 years ago la kan. I couldn’t say FOR SURE, she has improved. But from what she has been bragging, IT SEEMS that she has improved la kan.

What a brother can do, except to encourage his sister la kan. So, Kak Ana (and Ummairah), the above are pictures of a real cup cake.

And a little tip I think to make yours a little bit more presentable, sapu cup cake tu dengan krim/nutella, rata tapi nipis. Kemudian cecahkan cupcake tu dalam chocolate rice atau yang warna-warni tu. Jadi lapisan kat atas tu akan jadi warna-warni, tetapi kemas.

And a little bit of brotherly wisdom, master one type of design first. Lepas dah cantik and kemas baru try buat design lain dulu.

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