Saya berada dalam dilema. Hujung minggu ini, dua orang rakan rapat saya berkahwin pada hari yang sama di dua lokasi yang tidak memungkinkan saya untuk pergi kedua-dua tempat sekali. Pada mulanya, saya memang bercadang untuk skip salah satu, tetapi setelah saya review semula niat saya dan mengenang kembali how awesome a friend they have been to me, saya jadi malu sendiri. Lagipun memang prinsip saya, if you really want it you will find a way. Most often than not, when you are giving excuses dan beralasan, itu bermaksud kita tak nak sangat. We don’t really want it.

After all, penapis tidak pernah menghalang jus tulen yang terbaik, penapis cuma menghalang hampas.

Jadi saya pun memutuskan saya akan menghadiri kedua-duanya. Jadi Sabtu tengah hari saya akan terbang ke Kota Bharu untuk menghadiri pernikahan rakan saya, Syazwan malam tersebut (jadi boleh skip kenduri siang keesokannya), dan terbang pulang paginya untuk menghadiri walimah Amizatul di Raub.

For the experiences and the awesome moments these two great friends have contributed into my life, I think they deserve the very best effort from me to attend their Big day.

Let start with Syazwan, he spurred me and gave me the opportunity to fulfill what I can only dream before. We co-authored two books, founded a profitable company that spin-off into multiple wildly profitable ventures, beyond the grasps of our peers.

Running our own business broaden my horizon; widen my network and allowing me to become a much better person in a very short period of time.

All of these will not be possible if not for this one person; Syazwan.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Syazwan & Shahida, semoga ikatan ini menjadi batu loncatan untuk kejayaan yang lebih besar! 🙂

The Truest of True Friend

Then, there is this other awesome friend, Amizatul.

Words cannot do justice to define how awesome, kind and what a true friend she is.

I have known her for about 10 years since our time in SEMASHUR. And we have kept in touch quite regularly, she definitely know the background of who I am and what I am like. We are very frank with each other. I rate her sound advices and feedbacks highly. Maybe its due to the “Pahang Connection”.*

Having known me, my belief and what I stand for; she never doubt me and she trust me even when people who are supposed to be closer and know me better don’t. She does want the best for her friends. Although sometimes I can be childish and made unreasonable demands from my friends, she did without complain, something only the truest of true friend can do.

I have utmost respect for this special human being. I know for a fact that she is a very capable and competent doctor and I pray that she will be bestowed with strengths and the abilities to continue the good job she is doing.

I wish I have and will meet thousands more true friends like Amizatul in my life.

For her husband, know that you have an amazing woman by your side that will definitely support and stand by you through everything. Even when situation required, I have no doubt that she is willing to give her life for you. Cherish and guide her for not many men are as lucky as you nowadays.

I certainly hope than when time comes, I will be as lucky as you too.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Amoi (her nickname with SEMASHURians) & Zulfahmi! 🙂


*Just fyi to clear the air, I have a few close friends who happened to be girls. They are from Pahang dan kami memang rapat dan sangat memahami each other. However though, we were never involved romantically for reason we never bother to find out. I refer to this as part of the “Pahang Connection” which means that we somehow were born with that privilege to be harsh and frank with each other tanpa rasa sakit hati.

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