Maybe this is how Sheikh Muzaphar felt before being launched into space.

I am excited, but at the same time understood the heavy expectation I put on myself. You can say my mind was split into half now, one going through checklist of items and tasks I will left behind, to make sure they are taken care of. And the other half, going through checklist of preparations that I need to make.

To tell you the truth, my bag was not 100% packed yet. I haven’t give much thought on the details. The main stuffs are ready, but things such as small scissors, shirts have not even been identified yet.

I am taking leave on Friday and my flight will be Saturday’s morning.

I am dedicating Friday’s morning to finish buying stuffs that I will need and Friday noon to pack them. After Jumaat prayers, I will make my move to KLIA. I will then hole myself up in one of the hotel near the airport when I plan to spend the time doing personal reflection and mentally getting myself into the flow.

This will be the last post pre-departure. I am scheduled to arrive back in Malaysia on 9th March. But do give me sometime, I plan to get back writing somewhere around 12-13th March. I have full intention to complete writing Hijrah-Travelog Umrah.

I am praying for all of your well being. I notice the increase in new readership this past 2 weeks. I apologize I have to leave you when we are still in the process to get to know each other, however I believe I will have more to share when I am back.

Best Regards


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