I am a blessed man. This weekend was among the most blissful weekend in my life so far. I am grateful for:

1) Being able to spend quality time in the weekend with my family.

2) Ummairah dah pandai main badminton (okaylah for girls’ standard, much3x better dari Sabriza. Takdelah penat kutip bola dari main). So, Ummairah, Ummar and me (along with some of our neighbours) played badminton till midnight bawah lampu jalan. Its been yearsss since I last do that.

3) Pagi pun main badminton lagi (walaupun bawah bumbung rumah, sebab Ummar cakap main kat luar nanti kulit gelap)

4) Dapat makan keropok, nugget keju, udang galah fresh masak lemak dengan banyaknya, nasi dagang dan laksam.

5) Jumpa nenek, had dinner with her and family maksu sita.

6) Jumpa Cho as well.

7) For the first time in a few weeks, Sabriza tak busy. She actually had time to listen to my story and ask genuine questions about my life that show that she cared! (my sister was really gung-ho about becoming “guru praktikal cemerlang” for the last 3 weeks,and didn’t have time even for her ONLY brother. No wonder she is still single. Ooops… :p   )

8  ) Dapat shopping sampai puas hati. I don’t like shopping that much. But I like bargains. Lepas balik dari Kuantan, keluar sekejap tiba-tiba kedai yang selama ini saya assume tak pernah nak murah ada sales yang sangat-sangat murah pulak. Dapatlah 5 helai baju baru. Not really what I normally wear, tapi lepas consult Sabriza dia kata ok, plus memang macam ok pun, so okaylah. 🙂

I am SOO grateful for this weekend.

Best Regards



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