A few years ago, I asked myself this question:

“Am I going to do something in life? Or I want to just sit at the sideline and
be a spectator?”

True story. I decided to live and put matters into my hands. I don’t want to live on auto pilot anymore. Although it seems that I am back at square one now and the end is no fun, but inside I am a much, much, much better person. Now I know and experience a lot
of things I know nothing at that time. And the journey is well
worth it. Now it seems the time for me to figure out where the path
ahead will bring me. Awesome moment, awesome year, I am excited for
what may come! 🙂

God help me.


P/s: I gave more thought on what 2011 can be for me. I have a few more things to be done in 2011. First, it will be a year with more substance. If there are changes, I want it to be permanent and 2011 should not only be the year I focus on physical health and fitness, but also my spiritual health and fitness. Emotional wise, I figure I am in good stead already just i need to be more careful (didn’t rush things), calm and grounded.

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