I love to travel.

Ever since I first started my travelling journey in 2009, it’s my target to at least, finish all ASEAN countries, plus UK, France and Saudi Arabia, at least.

It took me slightly more than 5 years, but I can cross two of the major items on the list. Now, I can claim that I have been to all 10 ASEAN countries bar none.

Actually I can finish ASEAN earlier, as I have only Brunei pending since 2011 but it is a conscious decision. I have no reason to hurry as Brunei is not known as a tourist destination (which is a correct decision btw), so I left it until I have the opportunity to visit it via Miri which I finally did last week.

Similarly, I have the opportunity to cross all of them by the end of this year (or early next year), as I am deciding between going to Europe or Japan. But again, it’s not about the quantity but the substance. I think it will be more enjoyable for my wife and I to experience winter in Japan (Universal Studio & Disneyland). We can always do Eurotrip later (or if we didn’t get another chance, it’s still okay I think. No regrets because from feedback that we got beside the main tourist attraction there, not much else is on offer. Considering that I am not your regular “tourist”).

Thank you Ya Rabb for this blessing. I certainly can’t do this without your permission and help. I am grateful.