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Month: August 2016

Sedih Tetapi Saya Bersyukur

Saya tertarik dengan kata-kata Azizulhasni Awang, pelumba basikal negara yang memenangi gangsa di Sukan Olimpik Rio, apabila ditanya mengenai perasaannya ketika memenangi gangsa.

“Saya sedih, tetapi saya bersyukur.”

Tepat sekali apa yang dikatakannya perasaan yang beberapa kali saya alami tetapi sukar untuk dijelaskan apa.

Ya, beliau mengimpikan emas. Beliau berusaha untuk emas. Namun, saingannnya bukan calang-calang.

Dalam hidup ini, kita impikan kita akan menang semua pertandingan, dapat semua yang dicitakan. Tetapi adakalanya, ada hari yang bukan hari kita. Kita menang, tapi bukan hadiah utama.

Mungkin Tuhan ada perancangan yang lebih baik untuk kita di kemudian hari.

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Revisiting Kota Bharu

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Kota Bharu. One of the main reason is the long drive needed to get there. From KL or Kuantan, it is about seven to nine hours drive (depending on your speed and the traffic). Even now with me in Kerteh, it still took four to five hours to get there.

I have been there maybe twice or thrice, the last time being five years ago, for Syazwan’s wedding. And that was a day trip, I took a morning flight to KB and an afternoon flight for the return journey. I didn’t soak in the city atmosphere nor spend some time to enjoy the sight.

This weekend I went back to KB to visit a colleague house whose father has recently passed away and took some time to get to know the city, properly.

I am glad to report that, KB has changed. There is a positive vibe and the traffic is slightly better than the last time I have been here. At first I am contemplating of whether or not I should visit my two old friends who lived here, but because I only stayed one night, I decided against the idea. I just use the time to enjoy the city and sample the foods it has to offer.


It’s peaceful and worth another visit. Let’s see. 🙂

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