I always know that life is not ideal.

You are only a good pilot if you are able to overcome any hiccups in the air and land successfully to tell your story. No matter how amazing your flying skill is, if you didn’t make it, too bad. You can consider yourself lucky if you are not being blamed for the tragedy.

I understood this.

But when I was reminded of it again, hmm. Kental lah. When life give you lemon, smile and make lemonade. 🙂


In an unrelated matter, I was reminded again that life is a cycle. You are rarely constantly at the top nor you are constantly at the bottom. We know it is a cycle, but how long or short a cycle is, that’s anyone guess.

I am just grateful that my conscience is clear. When at the top, I do the best that I can, treat people nicely, carry the load as much as humanly possible, keep my mouth shut and keep executing. Hopefully when I no longer at the top, everything will play out nicely while waiting for the wheel to go back up. You can do all the same thing, all the right thing even, when it’s not the time, it’s not the time. The wheel will not be turning.

I am 30 this year. Not that old, but not that young and naive anymore. I have been through a quarter of life and I have seen what I should have seen and I am much wiser now.