Sorry ladies!

I have met my Ms. Right and have made her mine. Wish us a blessed marriage!

My brother, Ummar will be ready in about 5 years time!




Wow, I must make quite an impression on you.

Well, I am generally a lucky person. And as cliché as it sounds, I believe luck is created when opportunity meets preparation. I meet a lot of interesting people in my life almost daily and due to my unique engaging personality, it makes people curious and want to know more.

Hence it explains this page. Just in case the right person checks it out.

Who Am I?

You might meet me overseas when I am travelling. We might sit next to each other on a plane. We might meet at a conference. You might meet me at my booth where I try to sell you something or you might even know of me through one of the books that I authored.

When you are reading this blog, you might be confused. Depending on which “hat” I am wearing at that time, you might even get a wrong impression about who I am.

Who Am I?

Am I an author? Am I an entrepreneur? Am I a backpacker? Am I a millionaire? A mid-level manager or a junior executive at a Forbes 500 company?

I am a former project manager for a small company (a fun & exciting one, at that) in KL. The company was recently voted as the World’s Most Democratic Company and out of 40 companies that won that award; they are the only one located in Asia. Of the company’s 42 employees, my colleagues hailed from 23 different countries around the world. This company is awesome and my former colleagues there are super awesome. I loved working with them.

After one and half years working for this awesome company, I was called to serve my nation through our country’s National Oil Company, which presents me with a totally different type of challenges. Through this assignment, I started my journey in the corporate world as a young executive for a multinational oil and gas company based at the world’s tallest twin tower.

However, I am an entrepreneur at heart. Being shackled to a desk from 9-5 is not my idea of work. I enjoy creating stuff. I enjoy brainstorming and strategy sessions. I delight in seeing people buy my products. I feel blessed being able to mentor other people to be my partners, staff or customers.

I was exposed to business very early when I was just in Standard Two. In my freshman year, I co-founded a profitable company, which still exists to this day. Now, I had my hand in several businesses.

So, after office hours and especially on weekends I worked on my own business. Hence if you see me at a promotional booth in a shopping complex, this is the reason why. I like to get my hands dirty. The booths are usually manned by my staff members but from time to time I will come on weekends in order to understand my customers’ needs better.

My employer knows about my business and they are cool with it as long as I can maintain being a “rock star” at the office too.

Oh, they pay me well but my business pays me better.

Why don’t I quit and concentrate on my business then?

I am still learning a ton from the company and my colleagues are among the most amazing people in Malaysia I know. When you work with superstars, you become a superstar, and I want to keep the aura. I like it how I feel when being around them, around high performers.

Let’s talk about my business, a topic I am very interested in and the reason you are still reading.

What Do You Do In Your Business? Manning Your Booth? It Could Not Be That Hard?

Yes, you are absolutely right.

Anybody can man a booth. But it takes a special person to do it successfully.

Once, I implement a simple tweak that make our products on the shelf stand out more, we immediately broke our sales single-day record. And then, on another occasion I removed a banner that blocked a passage, which customers can use to enter our booth, and we exceed the previous sales single-day record by 50%.

I also study the traffic flow of the shopping complexes and the booths to make sure we secured the best location with the highest exposure to visitors when I am on the ground at my booth.

These are all in addition to speaking directly to the customers, listening to them about their needs and trying to sell them my products that best fit their needs.

These are all small techniques I use in my business. I call them tactics.

But I am responsible also to map the business policies and do all of the strategic planning for my business. These high level duties are what I consider to be the fun stuff.

For example I decide on the best ratio of our own capital we need to use versus how much vendor debt we can take advantage of. I determine how much product we need to bring in and what the projections are for certain promotional campaigns, and then devising strategies on how to achieve it.

Finally, it is also my job to motivate, inspire and lead my partners and staff by example, so that we can keep performing at the highest standard.

There are a lot more details that I can share with you about business, entrepreneurship and life; but I think this is enough to give you an insight into my professional life. We can always talk about this later if you are interested in knowing more.

Sounds to Me Like You Don’t Have a Life

If by life you mean clubbing and getting drunk, yes I don’t have that kind of life.

Occasionally I hang out with my friends at Mamak, I go to the cinema and do other fun stuff that young people like to do. However, I made sure I get enough sleep everyday. I consider sleep important; hence I rarely go out after midnight.

I like to travel and while living life in the fast lane, I still manage to travel a lot. You can see some of my pictures that I put up on the blog. I also manage to read at least 3 books per month. And successfully taught myself about baking.

So I guess I do have a life, in fact a full and a meaningful one.

If you live life with a purpose, you will find time for everything.

Family Man?

I am the first of four siblings. We are very fond of each other and enjoy each other’s company. I also make sure that, no matter how busy I am, I will go back to my hometown at least once a month.

Am I a family man? I think I am quite a family man.

So, much better now?

Contact me if you need any further information. I look forward to speaking to you again!