A loyal lover,

A fierce debater,

A voracious reader,

A passionate listener,

A shrewd entrepreneur,

A dreamy realist,

A shy extrovert,

A family man.


Well, that’s sum up me quite well. If you are interested to know me more beyond that, thank you. Toche. I am touched.

And considering you are THAT into me, why not ask me myself? 😉 My inbox at  [email protected] is always open, 24 hours a day.

However, do not expect a reply. I receive 100+ emails a day, to answer all of them will take all my time and make me miss all the joy in life. Which I am not prepared to.

So please forgive me for that, I have my priority straight.

However, interesting email or interesting person will always catch my attention.

In case you go the extra mile to make your email clear and interesting,  expect a reply in less than 24 hours (if my mail server did not throw a tantrum) :p

Thank you for visiting my not so humble abode, enjoy your stay. I definitely enjoy your friendship (and attention) 😉



p/s: Think I make a good husband? (Click Here to Get to Know Me Better)