As our life progress, we usually forget a lot of small things that once upon a time ago, means a lot to us. Something that we want to cherish forever, but for one thing or another just fade away as a distant memories.

*Thanks to Mind Valley who introduce me to this OOTWA phrase. It sounds cool*

Out of This World Award

So here, I am dishing out OOTW (Out of This World) Award to anything or anyone that I think deserve it. Btw, I am just 24 years old when this award starts, God willing there are a lot more years ahead of me, so these awards might change. All awards given are on a so far basis. 🙂

And for example, you see there is a winner for Best Teh and Best Teh Ais, but there is no winner for Best Teh Tarik yet. This is because I have found none yet that truly awe me. You can be assured that OOTWA will only be given only to deserving winners.


Best Roti Canai:
A small stall/restaurant in Benteng, Kuantan. If you are as old of me (which is of course, not very old)  😉  , you might remember the place referred to as Stesen Teksi Lama (Old Taxi Station).  I don’t know whether it still exist or not but the Roti Canai is really superb. But the sambal sucks. The sambal is great actually, but they did not put in sugar. So its  very spicy but not sweet. Kind of spoil the taste. If they add sugar to it, the combination will be most potent.

Update 2015: A small stall/restaurant on the way to Kerteh Airport, called “Roti Canai One”. The roti canai is superb, equally crispy as the stall above, while the sambal is super awesome. It is both spicy and sweet. With the power vested in me, I pronounced this stall/restaurant produce a better Roti Canai and is conferred the OOTW award.

Best Nasi Kandar:
Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah (just a stall) di Kedai Kopi Yong Suan, Jln Yang Kalsom, Ipoh. Some people call it Nasi Ganja (marijuana rice) or Nasi Kandar Vangge. It has another branch in Greentown, Ipoh but it does not taste as good as the original. If you come during lunch, be prepared to queue and wait. There is no table available to sit inside of the restaurant! Come around 3pm and the traffic has subsided. It close around 6pm. A MUST TRY!

Best Rojak (Ayam)
I don’t really eat plain rojak because I think it taste better with ayam (hence Rojak Ayam).  The best Rojak Ayam ever served is in a stall in Taman Gelora, Kuantan. To retain quality, they only have 30 chickens daily and it can sold out as early as 4 PM (they start selling after lunch).

The kuah (gravy) is thick and the rojak is superb. I tried it once when I am still a kid, craving for it everyday until now.

This stall close on Friday.

Best Puyuh Goreng
Restoran Waritha in Gopeng, Ipoh. The waitresses are beautiful, they wear kebaya uniforms and their food taste good (except the fresh fish~they are not so fresh). But the best of all is their Puyuh Goreng. Very crispy and well cooked. Some might say its a little bit salty, but for me its just nice (I like the salty taste on the Puyuh).

Best Kek Batik
Kek Batik that I made is the best. Even better than my mom who taught me how to make it. Don’t believe me? Ask my siblings. Can OOTWA be awarded to myself? Hell yes I could. 🙂 You either like it or you dislike it, there is no two ways about it. If you like it, its because of the rich Milo taste, and if you don’t like it, its because of the same reason.

You are guaranteed to have a stomachache after eating 2 piece of it, but it really worth it. Its THAT Good!

Best Teh (Tea)
My mom’s teh. But its not very consistent though. hehe… You can feel my mom’s mood in her tea. If she is happy and relaxed, the tea will taste best. If its not, its either she rush when doing it or there is not enough sweetened milk in the house (my father is diabetic, my mum and younger sister doesn’t really drinks anything with sweetened milk, hence they only buy it when I am home).   Its very sweet and you can taste the bitter taste of tea afterwards, but usually you will have stomachache after drinking. I don’t know whether its just me, but although I am guaranteed to have stomachache after drinking it, I am willing to suffer for the experience during drinking. Its that good. 🙂

Best Teh Ais (Iced Tea)-Under Probation 30 Days -To be Removed

Pada 5 November 2011, saya dan adik-adik saya telah singgah di salah satu cawangan restoran Taj di Kuantan dan terkejut apabila mendapati rasa Teh Aisnya telah jauh berubah. Bukan itu sahaja, Horlicks, Milo pun turut rasa seperti diluted. Salah satu sebab Restoran Taj dianugerahkan OOTW adalah kerana konsistensi rasa yang sedap untuk Teh Aisnya di setiap cawangan. Namun, disebabkan oleh very bad performance ini (bukan sahaja teh ais tidak sedap, semua air yang lain pun cair), nama Restoran Taj dicadangkan untuk dibuang dari senarai ini. Satu semakan semula akan dilakukan dalam tempoh 30 hari, jika ia tidak berubah Restoran Taj akan digugurkan dari senarai ini.

Taj Restaurant in Kuantan. They have several branches in Kuantan and the tastes are consistently good. You have to try it yourself. (it doesn’t come with stomachache, don’t worry)

Best Chocolate Cheesecake In Town

Chocolate, my favourite joint is in Bangsar Village (Update 2015: now closed). The cheesecake is creamy, solid and have a big chunk of chocolate on top. Although smaller in portion compared to Secret Recipe’s cake, the taste will just blow you away. If you are looking for size, this is definitely not for you. But if you can appreciate the finer taste of a cheesecake, this is a dream come true. The best thing is? Their published price is inclusive of service tax! No hidden charge.

Best Xinjiang Style Lamb

Ok, this one is tough. How am I supposed to know that this is the best Xinjiang style lamb, if I have never been to Xinjiang myself? But OOTW means Out of This World Award which means Out of MY World. Not necessarily, the best in this world. However, having dined in a lot of Chinese Muslim restaurant in Malaysia, I can certainly said this restaurant has the best Xinjiang Style Lamb in Malaysia.

I first tasted this in Guangzhou in a food fest (they are among the only 2 halal stalls there). I remember my reaction at that time. It is beyond belief! I have never tasted such dish before. I remember gorging on it as I am pretty sure it will be a long time before I tasted anything remotely similar.

It is only 4 years after that I chanced upon this dish in Malaysia while looking for a Chinese Muslim restaurant in Wangsa Maju. The difference between this Chinese Muslim restaurant and the regular Chinese Muslim restaurant in Malaysia are, this one is owned by Chinese Muslim from China and they made authentic Chinese dishes. Formerly known as Qin Zhe Restaurant> Restaurant Lamb Sheppard> Restaurant Good Sheppard and now known as Restaurant Imam Qin, this restaurant served the best Xinjiang style lamb in my world (don’t ask me why they change names so frequently. Owner and cook is still the same one though).

Best Lamb Satay

Satay Zalee in Kerteh made the best satay kambing I have ever tasted in my life. No offence against numerous variant of satay kajang available in Klang Valley, although Satay Zalee’s chicken satay is not as good as theirs, it’s lamb satay or satay kambing is absolutely phenomenal. Made to order (unlike its chicken satay), the lamb satay is a proof that superior ingredients will produce superior products. The lamb is tender, it’s not frozen, the sweetness is just right while still maintaining the lamb flavour. Absolutely delicious and this is a unanimous decision by Sabriza, Ummairah and me. This is the best satay kambing ever.

Pour le Merite

I also recognize the need to honour items that are worthy of a mention, but are not quite the best to be eligible for OOTW Award. To maintain the integrity of OOTW Award (the highest award in MY universe), so I hereby created a mortal version, kind of “in this world award” called Pour le Merite (Order of Merit).



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Food & Beverages

Good Breakfast Package

The Chicken Rice Shop offer of Hainanese Bread, Curry Chicken and a mug of Kopi-O for just Rm 6.50 is the best offer for breakfast I have ever seen from a fast food franchise. First, you get a mug of Kopi-O, not just a small cup. Second, the combination of bread with real curry chicken (not just potatoes) are deadly. The combo not just has a homely feel (its not easy to get bread with local soup or curry from food outlets nowadays) and can really make you full. After having this combo for breakfast, lunch is optional. The price make this a no brainer offer.

Excellent Murtabak

Restoran Zam Zam Singapore (in front of Sultan Mosque) offer among the best murtabak I have ever tasted in my life. They use real chicken (not just potatoes). Plus, the gigantic size make it a wholemeal on its own. Although it cost you S$5, its worth every cent! This is the benchmark that all other murtabak sellers should try to beat!