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Recommended Watch

The ghost of girlfriends past is a must watch movie I will recommend to any insecure, H type girls and boys out there. It is not a ghost story, it’s a chickflick but full with smart and brilliant messages.


I will share with you 2.

First, when you love someone, get closer. Not run away from it and then try to justify your action.

Second, the path for forgiveness is open for people who repent. It is always open, we just need to put our ego aside.

That’s all folks!


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A Few Days of Challenges

Well, the last time I feel like I was challenged to the max was a very long time ago. I can’t remember exactly when actually (except for the last year October’s Tragedy which hurt me a bit but not that bad). But for the few last days, to say they are a bit challenging for me might be an understatement.

I went to Ipoh on Sunday expecting to finish all my paperwork the next day. I have applied for leave and replace it properly by working on the Saturday before.

Monday noon, due to my own carelessness, I hit the bumper of a Peugeot car while being stuck in Ipoh traffic jam. Luckily I just finish reading, “Trump Negotiation Style”. Very good timing. I left only RM 100 poorer.

As it is not enough, on the way to Tronoh my car engine dies. Luckily it stall directly in front of a workshop. Another RM 130 gone.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I hate not getting my way and I will do everything that I can do to overcome challenges that come my way. So instead of waiting for the car to be fixed, I hailed a cab and continue my journey to Tronoh. I also asked F to rent a car for me so that he can send me to Ipoh when I am done with the paperworks required.

Then while in Tronoh I spent 5 hours waiting for two people to appear in their respective office. At last, one show up. It means I have to extend my stay for another day to meet the other person.

Its very frustrating but as I have a fruitful business meeting with F so I thought the worst has passed for me. I decided to stay in a new hotel in Seri Iskandar (I saw the signboard 10 months ago) just to find out it has closed. Not surprisingly.

So I head on to Batu Gajah. I know they have a golf resort there (Clearwater Sactuary Golf Resort), when again my car conveniently dies again in the middle of a deserted road, in total darkness. So, I whipped my handphone out again just to realize I have minimal battery left on the phone. Make a few quick calls to F, no answer. Send him an sms to rent a car again to get me.

While waiting I walked to the resort, luckily its not that far. With help from the guard at the gate, he send me to the clubhouse, where I booked a chalet for the night.

The resort has free wifi. While checking my email that night, I found out about MV huge refunds problem. As it sort of fall under my responsibility I spend a couple of hours thinking about it before went to bed.

The next day its getting better luckily. After sending my car to the workshop (my fault actually that cause the problem), I went to UTP again, still without luck. Then went to Ipoh for a stable Internet connection to be online for the awesomeness meeting.

Went back to UTP, luckily this time the lady luck is on my side.

Get everything signed prim and proper, submit all the documents and I am back in KL.

Top off the day with a long phone conversation with an old friend.


I hope there is no more such days in my life. Forever.

Awesomeness Update

17 July:

I went to Ipoh. (No I did not go earlier as planned). I have completed my clearance form, but there are a few more paper works need to be submitted and red tape busted.

20-24 July:

A super productive week.

23 July:

Fun night. Mindvalley held its “bring your friend so that we can impress & hire” session at one of the coolest rooftop cafe in KL. Met a lot of interesting people.

26 July

Will go back to Ipoh, complete the paperwork and hopefully this time no idiotic pencil pusher stand in my way.

I like to write more but as you can see, life is super hectic right now. But it is fun and challenging. So no sweat. I will write more once I can organize my thought proper.


Beautiful Bali

The Pool Where You Can Relax and Wind Down

Beach View From Bali


Too Much Relationship Stuff?

I just realised there are too many posts about relationship recently.

This is unhealthy.

I just could not believe how much uneducated our people are about love and relationship.

We don’t talk about this, we are not taught about this, it made a lot of people ignorant. And this ignorant people are abusing not only themselves, but people near them.

This is not good.

But, this I promise myself. No matter how ignorant our people is, I should take a break. Talking about this stuff might take a toll on me.

I won’t post anything about relationship in the next 7 days.

If there is nothing to post about, I will post pictures.

Saya Tak Faham

Sedang saya browse Facebook profile rakan-rakan tadi, saya terjumpa nota berikut dalam aktiviti tagging.

Have You Cheat: Yes
Broken Someone’s Heart: Ada
Your Status Currently: Single

Kawan saya ini baik. Sekali tengok (banyak kali tengok pun) tak akan sangka yang dia ni macam ni.

She might have her own reason.

But I have saw, and met people who did just that without a valid reason.

And I strongly believe AT LEAST 65% people who did the above did without a valid reason. Dan most of the time orang yang buat macam ini adalah orang yang abuse kelebihan yang dianugerahkan.

For people who did not have a valid reason, I hope God reciprocate. Cash di dunia. Berkali-kali sehinggalah diorang betul-betul sedar.

Can Somebody Picked Up Their Phone? Pretty Please?

Two post in one night? WTH.

But I need to document this.

I never ever saw a busy person that does not have time to reply to a simple message for a few days and counting.

Even my business partner who are out of mobile coverage communicate with me a few time per day. Don’t tell me you can’t sneak out a SMS or two during your break all these days..


If I were you, I will change profession. Or change my limiting belief. I will get a life and my priority straight. Whichever is easier.

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