Memikirkan mengenai tanggungjawab yang semakin bertambah di pejabat buat saya bertambah resah. Totally not fun. Kalau nak cerita pasal tu memang depressing. Jadi saya mahu mencoret sesuatu yang lebih positif.

Renaissance Hotel adalah hotel 5 bintang pertama yang saya telah jejakkan kaki sebenarnya. Saya tak menginap di situ ketika itu, cuma ada dinner sahaja. Saya masih ingat dengan jelas, sebab ia berlaku ketika jamuan akhir tahun Tingkatan 5 SEMASHUR. 

Untuk kami ketika itu, that’s the closest that we have to a Prom Night la. Dinner, give exchanges and a lots and lots of photo shoots.

Malam ini, I am staying at the hotel finally and I am bringing my wife to a dinner date at the restaurant. Not gonna comment on the food (they are superb as the first time I have been here, just had my lunch there this afternoon after my meeting. Tonight should be even better), but I like to share the memory of my first night here. 🙂

Fourteen years ago. Wow, what a long time. But the hotel itself doesn’t show any sign of aging. Their facilities are top-notch.

Fourteen years ago is the prom-nite. I still remember the night clearly. 

I enjoyed the food definitely but I think I am one of the “wallpaper” who wish the night to end as quickly as possible so that we can get back to our routine, SPM is coming!

All the cool kids are planning their outfits for that night and also planning what to buy for the gift exchange session (~RM30). Saya sedar diri, saya bukanlah cool sangat. Hadiah untuk gift exchange tu saya recycle sahaja dari hadiah bahas yang pernah saya terima (saya masih ingat hadiah tu, hadiah frame gambar).


Saya pun tak bercita-cita untuk menang best dress, waktu orang ramai cari blazer untuk pakai, saya settle cukup dengan kemeja putih dan tie maroon. Saya tak ada “Date”, orang yang saya usya pun (usya je sebab I know, they are out of my league at that time) saya pasti minat pada orang lain, basically beside the food I have nothing else to look forward to.

But even with that, it is a good night for me. Good food. Menang lucky draw (towel, I do feel a bit lucky that night) dan ada jugak orang ajak amik gambar (this is most probably equivalent to someone asking you to dance in normal prom-nite la kot). The fact that ada orang ajak amik gambar tu kira okayla, sebab I thought sebagai wallpaper, orang tak sedar pun kalau I tak ada.

Tonight, I gonna live that night again.

But this time, on my terms. My life has been blessed since that night, here fourteen years ago. Thank you Allah. Thank you for all the help and blessings. This will not be possible without your intervention.

And after a good dinner, unlike fourteen years ago where we need to take a bus for that long journey back to the hostel, I am looking forward to a luxurious sleep in one of the hotel’s room upstairs. 🙂 

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