I have sort of learned this lesson the hard way a number of years ago, but I guess now I need to write it here so that I remember it well.

It’s always tempting to just be myself and speak my mind, but I must be aware that this shouldn’t be at the expense of jeopardizing the most important thing in my life.

I have A-Type personality and if there is one thing I can’t tolerate is mediocrity. Being in the middle or being average is okay and there is no shame being that, but knowing that you are behind with no effort nor interest to catchup is for me, sinful. Unacceptable.

I totally can’t accept that.

But sometimes I must remember that we have to let the fools being the fools as long as it’s not harmful.

Because a fool can’t think for himself. Smart people should know better, should know how to rein himself when the situation calls for it. No point arguing with fools.

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