Again, the Maxis Broadband that we have in the house are so horribly slow it could not open the add new post section on my blog on the laptop. Hence I am writing this on my trusty itouch.

This Friday I planned to make a quick dash to Tronoh. I need to submit all the paperwork related to my internship and do proper clearance as a 1st step to conclude my life as an undergraduate. That same evening my parents will arrive from Kuantan (hopefully as my dad has just been warded today) and later that night Kak Ana will be back.

That’s mean I need to be back in KL by 6 pm because I need to arrange for accomodation for everyone before they landed. My dad and my sister are the two biggest diva in the family and I need to make sure all their logistical need are addressed to avoid what supposed to be a happy family time become a grouchy one.

I am not excited in the prospect of having to complete all the necessary report in 4 days. But I am thrilled for the roadtrip. It’s been a long time since I drive long distance and KL-Perak is definitely a good journey (similar to Perak-Penang)

KL-Kuantan is tiring and not as enjoyable (there is no Baskin Robbin & KFC at the R&R). Plus I have some unforgetabble sweet memories with these routes. They are very familiar as I have drove on them in all imaginable conditions. On a sunny day, on a rainy day and of course on a sleepy night (literally AND really!)

Most of the time risking my life for a very foolish cause if viewed in retrospect. Driving ALONE at 4 am after driving almost non stop for the whole day? What I am thinking about at that time?

But driving along that route make me feel younger (I am still young now if you don’t notice), so carefree and so happy. I am also very happy right now, but these route has a special sentimental value for me.

It fill a void in me which I have been trying to fill for sometime already.

And for this reason, my heart beat faster while Friday become closer. I am just hoping that all the paperwork are done by that time.

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