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Are You Suffering From This? Are You Sure You Are Not?

I don’t want to talk about love again in this post. If it looks like I am talking about love, please read between the lines, please see the context which I say it. I sacrifice 2 hours of sleep for this post. I definitely will not write something self serving for that (or maybe…tell me. hehe).

My sis said I have a high taste. But I am really not. What I am looking for is a woman who can break free from her self limiting belief.

What is that suppose to mean? Let me explain.

Have you watch Musang Berjanggut?

To sum the movie up, P. Ramlee (the hero) travel far and wide looking for wife. He want to marry an intelligent lady. He did something to differentiate between normal, average ladies and the one who is suitable to become his wife. He mixed rices, herbs and spices into one sack and he gave it to the ladies, asking them to cook it.

All of the ladies upon seeing the content of the sack will return it back to him and say that they will use ingredients available in the house instead. Except one smart lady, who carefully separate the ingredients and cook it. She knows that P. Ramlee is a smart man and he did mix the content of the sack for a purpose.

This show the heroin at least has three important qualities, she is dependable, attentive and trust her husband.

Let’s fast forward today:

My mom will definitely freak out if I did what P. Ramlee did in Musang Berjanggut. But I see today our society has the same limiting belief.

In Musang Berjanggut movie, the self limiting belief is:

1) You can’t find smart woman
2) You will waste a lot of time segregating the herbs, spices and rice. It just can’t be done.

In my case, I am looking for woman who can break through her self limiting belief.

Why? And how we know that person has breakthrough his or her limiting belief?

When he or she takes full responsibility with his or her action.

The most popular items :
1) Orang lain kerja kilang pun hantaran RM xxxxx
2) Dah macam tu… Nak buat camner…
3) Belilah kereta, malulah kat orang
4) Dah kerja macam tu. Kerja kita ngan awak lain. Awak tak faham.
5) Awak rasa macam tu, saya lain…
6) I don’t like to read
7) I feel sleepy when I read
8) I don’t have time to read
9) I don’t know what to read
10) I only read Al-Quran (can be forgiven if he/she read it a lot of times consistently AND understand the meaning and the context as well)

Quote-quote di atas menunjukkan yang sentiasa ada pihak satu lagi yang bersalah atau yang menentukan sesuatu. Betul dan saya setuju, kita yang merancang dan Tuhan yang menentukan. Namun acapkali alasan-alasan di atas digunakan untuk menutup hakikat bahawa kita tidak mencuba yang terbaik. Acap sangat.

Semua lain, orang tak faham, atau semua orang lain faham macam lain.

Takut untuk berbeza dan mungkin kematangan tu belum ada.

Kefahaman saya adalah, apa juga yang terjadi adalah pilihan kita.

Termasuklah kalau pasangan itu memilih untuk curang atau berpisah.

Jangan salahkan jodoh. Sendiri pilih untuk berpisah, sendiri pilih untuk curang. Accept full responsibility.

Disclaimer: Ada self limiting belief yang bagus dan tidak wajar untuk kita break free. Do not engage in sex before marriage is an example of a self limiting belief yang bagus. I am referring to the other.

Sebagai contoh, ramai wanita yang berpendapat lumrah bahawa memang susah nak get along dengan mak mertua (even before diorang kenal pun). Ini self limiting belief! Belum jumpa lagi dah letak impression macam tu, nanti kalau jumpa perasaan kekok, janggal, kayu tu akan ada. Bila ada perasaan macam tu, memang susahlah nak get along well.

Itu satu contoh yang mudah.

Dan satu lagi self limiting belief yang orang biasa ada, tak kira lelaki dan perempuan, dia hebat. Dia lain. Dia bolehlah.

No, takdenya benda camtu. Anda yang meletakkan halangan kepada diri anda sendiri sebab itu anda tidak boleh. Sebab itu anda terasa kecil. Sebab Jiwa Anda Kecil!

Kalau anda sibuk, ramai lagi orang lebih sibuk dari anda. Kalau anda under qualified, ramai lagi orang yang under qualified dari anda. Kalau anda lemah, ramai lagi orang yang lebih lemah dari anda.

Tapi anda tidak tahu mengenai kekurangan mereka, sebab mereka berjiwa besar. They focus on what they do, and be grateful with what they have. Never they mention their limiting belief.

Dr Sheikh Muzaphar, hate him or love him, he is a pretty decent man.

Maybe some say he is born in a well to do family, sponsored to become an astraunout, blessed with a good look, etc.

But not many highlight that initially he is juggling his work as a doctor (and a lot of doctors say they don’t have time, on call 48 hours etc), part time career as a model (even before he become an astronaut), and still in the selection exercise he manage to complete the physically exhausting challenge to become an astronaut!

These is not a small feat.

If he can, definitely you can! Because you are human too. Jiwa kena besar!

Jangan bila tengok pencapaian orang lain rasa jealous, cemburu, iri hati ataupun KERDIL (lama-lama akan membawa kepada perasaan mazmumah juga). Tetapi cuba rasa termotivasi, rasa nak jadi macam tu juga. JIWA KENA BESAR.

Kenapa saya nak cari wanita yang boleh free from her self limiting belief?

Because then only I will get a woman who can support me, encourage me, inspire me AND at the same time love me for who I am.

If you think you are not worthy of this or you are not this type of woman (or man) ,


You might think its okay. Its liveable. Its not bad. But be aware, its your self limiting belief mode.

You are basically telling yourself, “My Shit Smells Nice. I don’t mind smelling it all day. After all, it’s My Shit.” Over and over again. Full Stop.

Oh, just in case you want to know how to break free from this self limiting belief:

1) Always ask yourself, “Can I do better?”
2) Always ask yourself, “Why Not?”

We may not get it right all the time. If you get it 75% of the time, its good enough.

So, as a conclusion: “Does Your Shit Smell Nice?”

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  1. waah really inspiring me. jrg org tulis mcm ni

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