Failing is subjective. For me, there is nothing wrong with failing. Failing is just the result of a test. I think educated people like us know that failing is not a bad thing (eg: the quickest way to success is to fail faster, etc).  Never heard of this? Contact me so that I can arrange for you to get an earful.

What is more important is that we learn why we fail. Here I will lists a few reasons why people fail, and see if you can relate to it.

1) You Don’t Know the Purpose of the Game – What do you Really Want?

Happened to me when I am in standard 6. Semua orang study, so I study. I know that I need to get 5A in UPSR but I don’t know the real purpose of the game. Semua orang suruh study, suruh study, cakap kalau dapat 5A boleh masuk asrama penuh. Tapi still ia tidak cukup mengujakan. Memang best masuk asrama penuh, tapi kalau masuk pun so what?

I was not told the real purpose of getting 5As.

Kalaulah parents saya bagitau saya, belajar rajin-rajin supaya dapat 5A dan dapat masuk asrama penuh sebab there are more awek cuns in asrama penuh than in sekolah harian, then maybe I will study hard and really get 5A. Sebab I nampak jelas matlamatnya.

The same kalau anda nak kurus atau anda nak belajar rajin-rajin dan dapat 4 flat.

Nak kurus bukan matlamatnya. Nak dapat 4 flat bukan matlamatnya.

Kenapa anda nak kurus? Anda nak buat orang jeles? Anda nak rasa hebat?

Kenapa anda nak 4 flat? Nak dapat etc money so that you can use it for travel?

Tell yourself. Write it. Always, always be clear on what is your ultimate purpose. 

2) You Have 100000 Rules on How the Game Should Be Played

Hidup anda banyak syaratnya. Sebagai contoh, nak study kena pergi library. Dekat rumah banyak gangguan, tak boleh study.

Nak happy time dating, bf/gf kena puji-puji dan kena bagi hadiah.

Nak itu mesti ini. Etc.

Meletakkan syarat pada diri sendiri ini adalah antara punca kegagalan dan punca hidup anda statik. Berapa kali kita katakan pada diri kita,

Nantilah. Bila (xxxxx) aku buat. Tapi bila xxxxx terjadi kita dah tak ada mood untuk buat.

I think the most important thing in life is to enjoy it. We enjoy our life by constantly taking action. Whether we are right or we are wrong, its still a lesson learnt. 

Actually, I have more to write. But let think about these two first. It seems simple but I can recall a lot of occassion when something happened to me due for both reasons. It really applies to all aspects of our life. Study, romance, careers, friendship, etc.


His Awesomeness,



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