I am attending Tony Robbins Unleash the Passion Within Seminar this weekend. And tonight I walked on fire!

The fire symbolize our limiting belief and thing that we thought as impossible. Once you become a firewalker that manage to accomplish something other people think as impossible, what you can do become limitless. It just either you talk yourself in or you talk yourself out of it.

The firewalking experience itself was awesome, I did it twice! No thanks to review from ‘average my life sucks!’ people.

They said that wood (coal) is a weak conductor and you can walk on fire safely even if you do it yourself at your backyard.

What a load of bollocks and even worse, I trust them! I am ashamed of myself.

Those people for sure never do what they said as easy. First, the heat was real and untolerably hot! It’s anything but safe. Even done under supervision, there are people who got burn. Majority have small blisters after walking on the fire.

So the first time I ass-ume it is safe and I did not properly get into my peak state. As a result I felt the heat and of course it hurts!

I am not satisfied, so I do it again. The second time I put myself in the peak state and this time I did not feel the heat anymore

There are a lot that I can share with you what I learned from this seminar. But I will share with you gradually.

For now, I will just share with you that I will start my own “basket” drive. Initially with 3 families whom I will asked my siblings to choose, it is good timing Raya is coming. I was inspired by Tony to start this one.

Plus, I am also starting a no red meat diet program. For every 30 days I will only eat red meat for 2 days. This will be my first step to have a healthier diet and to increase my vegetable intake.

That’s all for now, will report back in near future. 🙂


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