I was torn between using English/Malay for this site.  I really don’t know. Because I have had so many blogs before, I know the perils of writing in either languages. Sticking to a set of standard will eventually kill the enthusiasm off. So for this one, I will use both. After all, I am Malaysians and Malaysian love rojak. 🙂

Mungkin ada yang tertanya-tanya, apa tujuan blog ini ya? Mungkin pelbagai teori sedang difikirkan. 🙂

Sebenarnya, there is no specific reason. I just want a place to talk about something else other than entrepreneurship and business (there’s SaifulSham.com) for it and a place where I can be myself.

Its so difficult to do it at SaifulSham, as it visitors varies. It attracts mainly entrepreneurs and wannabes, and as many of them are A type personalities, its not easy to accomodate the crowd. Some might say, don’t be a hypocrite just write what you want to write and be yourself. 

But I beg to disagree.

I am a complex man with a simple requirement. If I can have my way, I WANT to go to the cinemas wearing kain pelekat. Now, if I want to be myself, I should. But really, should I do that? 😉

As I don’t plan to have so many strangers here, so I hope I can be more personal and candid here.

I aspire for SABRI.ME be something like a portfolio site with a contemporary look. But after a few weeks looking for the appropriate theme/template and still found no suitable themes, I decided to start with this one. Quite classic, not exactly what I have in mind but it should suffice for now. 

The most important is, always take action. 

“Bertangguh itu pencuri masa,” kata Cikgu Chee Ah Kow (nama sebenar), cikgu Sains SK Galing merangkap guru disiplin yang baik dan tidak ditakuti ketika itu. (hehe… Hope nobody mind the personal anecdotes. I need to write my personal memories now while I still remember them. These people are invaluable and they are the one who mould me into what I am today)

I will write more soon. 🙂

To an awesome life!


p/s: Btw, have you met my sister? (Sabriza: Link kat blog abanglah!). Currently she’s the only one of my family who blogs (beside me), although Ummar & Ummairah do have Friendster. 

p/p/s: Yeah, yeah I know. Her blog will fail any usability test and the colours might upset your eyes. She’s a geeky, witty chemist, if that explain.

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