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Monkey Bar 30m Above Ground? Why No One Tell Me That!

Yesterday I joined some of my colleagues went through an obstacle course somewhere near here. The circuit might be similar to a team building program, but its not. Its an extreme sport!

In team building exercise the objective is aimed to foster camaraderie and the challenge is tailored to all level of skill and fitness that people have. But its not the case here. For example, who are able to do monkey bar 30m above ground? Only the most hard core, super fit people. 🙂

My advice for you, don’t try this if you have not prepared at least for a month for it! (I don’t prepare and of course I speak from experience. Believe me guy, you don’t want to feel totally hopeless, super thirsty and weak, 30m above ground with no where to go except to keep going)

Team picture before the activity

Team picture before the activity

Actually we register for the medium circuit ~big thrill (they have 3, little kiddie~don’t let the name fool you, big thrill and extreme), but somehow our names end up in the extreme one.

So extreme we go. 🙂

And if anybody think they can do Flying Fox, congratz guy. That is the easiest challenge! Try climbing up to the platform before the Flying Fox. See if you can still feel your hand after that. And that is the only the 2nd out of 20 challenge that awaits you.

This is the medium circuit, the extreme one that we climb is higher

This is the medium circuit, the extreme one that we climb is higher

Conclusion, it is super fun albeit physically exhausting activity to do. Next time before I sign up for anything I will make sure to check all activities that we have to go through first. If I saw monkey bar, definitely I could tell how tough the course will be (especially if it is 30 m above ground).

Last but not least, a picture of yours truly. (disclaimer: I know its not the most flattering look that I have, but hey! You did not expect a guy to climb up a ladder like above (a few of them of at higher height!) and still look prim and proper right? This is not a movie shoot where a make up artist is there to make me look presentable.

So, all sweat and gory. Here you are! 🙂

We start at noon, hence the sunglasses

We start at noon, hence the sunglasses

Not so proud of myself there, my muscle is still sore but my colleagues are awesome! 🙂

And thanks for the awesome experience and friendly crew at the park. You rock!

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