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My Sister(s) Have a Weird Habit

I don’t understand why. I believe this is an isolated case and its not the case with all women, but I don’t know though. I have not met with enough women yet to make a judgement. And of course, I am secretly hoping that this is truly an isolated case. 


Me: Merah, sebelum tidur, pasang ubat nyamuk. Nanti kena denggi macam mak susah.

Merah: (ignore me, pura2 masuk bilik tidur terus)

I know with all my sister(s), there is no use to coax or rationalize to them to do something that they don’t wanto. They will never listen. So, I let her sleep first. I will wake her up at 11 pm and disturb and nag her continuosly UNTIL she lights up the mosquito coil. She know I wont stop until she go and lights up the mosquito coil (NO, of course I can’t do that FOR her, it’s my RESPONSIBILITY as the big bro to show her that she MUST take care of herself and not be too dependent on others-hehe– but of course, don’t worry. I wont do this to my wifey-to be. :p ).

I thought she has done so, but apparently not. The story below is relayed to me by Kak Ana (Sabriza) who are at the living room at that time.

What this Ummairah bertuah will do is, she goes out and sit at the living room for 5 minutes before she went back to her room (she still don’t lights up the mosquito coil though). Kak Ana asked her, what are you doing here? (as she was asleep before). She said, “Abang suruh pasang ubat nyamuk”.

Lah. She went out just to fool me, so that I think she spent the 5 minutes to light up the mosquito coil.

She was more willing to waste 5 minutes sitting at the living room doing nothing before resuming her sleep than pasang ubat nyamuk which also take 5 minutes and guarantee a more comfortable sleep.

I went back to my hometown this weekend, and she pulled the same antic when my mom asked her to buy nasi minyak for both of us while she get ready before sending her to school. 

And when I see Ummairah attitude, I remember Kak. Ana.

For obvious reason that she and her friends is reading this blog, so I shall spare her the embarassment. But let it be known that my sister(s) share this weird trait.

You just cannot argue or try to rationalize with them. They wont listen to you.

Denggi, hunger, gastric even death maybe can’t make them change their mind. :p

Ummar is much better. We men can change our decision if there is a rational reason. 


(padan muka kak ana! serve you right! Cerita pasal siput & basikal tu)

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  1. weyh weyh weyh! kakak seorang adik yang mendengar kata lah!
    contohnya macam yang waktu……………..(shoot! napa i tak dapat pikir apa2 yang boleh jadi modal utk bela diri ni?! dang!)
    fear not, kakak akan menuntut bela!

    adik, anak, kakak yang taat,

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