I have been told once before (a few years ago), I look lonely in my pictures. I was alone and I don’t have many pictures with my friends. Well, I have forgotten who said that to me, but I do remember the quote. I never give a thought about it and don’t think people care about such trivial matter, but apparently someone does!

I don’t care much actually. But today I will post a sort of team photo of me with my friends (some colleagues are not in the office).


This is the best team and company (on 2nd thought, it might be the 2nd. Because mine will be the 1st  😉  ) I ever worked with (I admit I did not has experiences working with another company).  Just to give you an idea, they are in the top 100 SME in Malaysia (Missed the top 50 SME awards by a few points) and THE ONLY COMPANY in Asia that won the World Democratic Workplace Award (2 times in a row)

I do my internship here and I learned a tonne. If there is one mistake I make about this company, it is UNDERESTIMATING them. I thought they pay well (because they are a US company).

But hell no.

They pay quite well, but that’s not all.

They are brilliant, amazing, awesome people. I never had 35 awesome, kind hearted, successful, smart, fun people surround me AT THE SAME TIME before (at most, there will be 10-20).

During this internship, I learned a lot. Not only the technical stuff (I learned how to use MAC Book), but also things that are much bigger than that such as life skills etc.

And no. This is not your regular life lessons that you learned from your average senior at the office. They are extraordinarily awesome, eccentric (so like me). They are the proof that you can be street smart and book smart at the same time.

I am grateful I accidentally found out that their HQ is in Malaysia a year ago (know them for a few years already, but never know that they operate from Malaysia). And I am grateful UTP has 8 months compulsory internship requirement. Which without, I might never experience life here.

*This is the team pictures with John Assaraf. One of the teacher in The Secret Movie, and an accomplished author.

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