Ok, Ada yang bertanya saya, England dah kalah. So what after this? Adakah saya masih follow World Cup atau dah stop?

Well, to be honest England kalah was not unexpected. Macam pasukan badminton Malaysia setiap kali sebelum Piala Thomas. We know that we are not that good to win dan sentiasa ada kelemahan2 “kecil”, we are willing to overlook it and berharap sangat2 diorang akan menang kan?

Waktu kalah tu memanglah frust sikit, tapi takdelah sampai rasa nak terjun Twin Tower tu kan? 😉

To answer that reader question, yes I still follow the matches. I will have new team to support in semi final but I am not sure yet which one. It will be either Argentina and Germany (or by a long shot Netherland).

Let me give you my amateurish, biased analysis of these teams.

They played superbly well againts England. Their game is purely simple, fast and a pleasure to watch (in term of their cohesiveness).

I am just not sure that impressive performance was due to luck or just because England play terribly bad. If they can play like they play againts England, they can easily win this World Cup.

A dark horse. I don’t rate Maradona highly as a coach. In fact as a team they did very poorly in the World Cup Qualification.

However, this made them the underdog in the Finals. And you know how I feel towards underdogs right? 😉

I don’t think they play as effectively as Germany. As most South American countries, their strengh lies in the flair of the individual player. In Argentina case, it’s Messi.

Overall I prefer Germany’s way of playing than Argentina. But Argentina is the underdog. I can’t say no to underdog right? 🙂

But in case both team play very poorly, I might as well choose the Oranje (Holland).

Holland try to be as systematic as Germany, but they don’t gel very well yet. If they did, they will definitely be the team to watch. They are super hard working and didn’t tire easily.

However, one big problem they have is they seriously lack the killer instict. Their striker are not as decisive as German’s. They missed a lot of clear chance in the game againts Brazil preferring to pass to their team mates although they are in a better position to score and seal the game early.

May the best team win! 🙂

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