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I am used to something bigger and more spacious. But that’s during my undergraduate years in Tronoh. As we all might be aware already, in KL a densely populated city, space is luxury. Hence the smaller space. But I am proud of it as its my first year. After a year using a kiddie desk (a real kiddie desk) :p

I am sure in the coming years this space will be bigger, but for what it is now, I am proud of it. Especially for the chair. Even in Tronoh I don’t get a chair like this.

Day View (Sofa Bed in Sofa position)

Night View (Sofa Bed in Bed position)

Sweet Dreams~! 🙂


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  1. bilik org lelaki? lagi kemas dari bilik saya!

  2. It’s not even a room! LOL. It’s the common area, and somehow Sabri made a nest at the corner there.

    And it’s not a private corner. The right phrase is “personal corner”. 😛

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