My sister is coming back from UK in a few weeks.

Plus, I know a few people who want to give me some presents.
They keep subtly asking what I want. (and complaint how hard
it is to buy presents for guys.)

So I shall make it easy for them with this wishlist.

First and foremost,

DON’T buy me key chain or fridge magnet. I don’t have that
many keys and I can buy fridge magnets from every conceivable
places available on earth in China. New York, Milan, Kuala Lumpur,
they have everything in one place in Guangzhou. :p

And don’t worry. My wishlist is pretty short. I am not that greedy. :p

1) Theodore Boone – John Grisham

The latest novel by John Grisham. I was pretty tempted to buy this myself.
Have saw it a few times in the bookstore. However, I am trying hard to
resist the temptation.

Although I really wanted this book, but as for this moment I still have
plenty of books I have not read yet and I think its not right for me
to buy another one.

However, if someone else buy it for me, I think that’s alright right?

I promise and I am pretty sure I could finish it in 2 days maximum. 🙂

2) Jorg Gray Watch – JG6550L

I am not a watch collector. I have been wearing the watch that I am wearing
right now for more than 3 years already. Its justified if I get a new watch
now right? (especially if someone else is paying) 😉

This watch caught my eyes when I did a search about what watch Barack Obama
is wearing. He is wearing a different model of course, but it is of the same

And in case you are thinking to buy me a watch but a different model, its okay
as well. Surprise me. I like watches with white dial and dark straps.
Just don’t buy me watch with metal strap. I have worn watches with metal straps
twice in my life and I wish I haven’t.

Call me superstitious and what happened might just be coincidences, but I figure
why take chance?

Oh, its not as expensive as Tag Heuer or Rolex. Don’t worry. Obama is not a fancy
person. This is a gift from his body guard. He wore it during the inauguration ceremony.

3) iPad

Well, I save the best for last. 🙂

I don’t have to justify this right? My iPod touch is the best gadget I ever bought
and it adds tremendous value to my life. I am sure iPad will do much better.

By the time you are reading this, you can be sure I have my hand on the John Grisham’s
novel. So, that’s leave you with option 2 & 3. :p

And don’t worry if there is more than one people bought me the same thing. I don’t mind having
two (of item 2 & 3~!) 🙂
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