the meaning we attach to it.

Really. Everything that happened in this world can be either positive or negative, it’s up to you. You have a flu when you are having a lots of work, it’s either means a nuisance or also an excuse not to give your best.

It depends on what stories did you tell yourself? You tell yourself enlightening stories, you will be enlightened. You tell yourself that you are a victim, you are.

Most often than not I succumb to this plague as well, but now I try my best to keep reminding myself to steer away from the negative habit of telling myself only “stories” that I want to hear.

So that you can understand well the message, let me tell you a story;

In December last year, I told you I went to Sky Trex. Before doing the flying fox, I have to climb a ladder 30m high (ladder not stairs). As the climbing was already strenous, I consider the flying fox just a breeze. It took me just seconds to make the leap of faith. I am not afraid of the height at all.

Early January this year, you know I went to Singapore. What I don’t tell you yet, I went for a flying fox as well. Touted as the longest in Asia (does not matter it was not as high as in sky trex)

However because it is relatively easier to climb up to the platform (they have stairs) I don’t feel tired at all. And although the platform is lower than the one in Sky Trex which is a breeze for me, this should be easier right?


It took me minutes to gather enough courage to do it.

See how the same thing were perceive differently by the same brain?

It’s the story we told ourselves made the differences.

In Sky Trex, my mind perceive the flying fox as the lesser of two evils and it direct my brain to come to terms with it. In Singapore, the flying fox is the only devil (albeit lesser than the lesser evil in Sky Trex), so it does not compromise.

So, what stories are you telling yourself today? Is it empowering, or is it killing you? 😉


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