This time I will not force you to read my own views. I will let Dr Hsu Dar Ren, a medical doctor who runs a private clinic ┬áput into words and lend some credibility to the dire situation teenagers (in this country at least), face. You can read his article, “A Doctor too Many” here:

In summary:

Many parents do not know about the actual situation and still encourage their children to take up medicine. They are not told of the actual situation. The day will come when there are simply so many doctors that none are adequately trained. There will come a day when a doctor graduating from a medical school cannot even be placed in a houseman position.

And that day is actually very near.

Actually you can see this happening with engineers already. There are good engineering graduates, produced by the more discerning institutions, and there are also thousands of unemployable engineering graduates produced by degree mills around the country.

My point:

Stop doing something because society want you to be in a certain way, possess certain things and agree to the same views. Don’t afraid to be different, to be right. Don’t sell your soul and future┬áto society just to feed your ego.

Good luck!


p/s: Btw, why I am very persistent with this message? Because I believe that I am in the best position and have the opportunity to advocate it. I have been there, done that. And tired of it. Also became a victim because of it. I know what it feels. If I haven’t went through what I have been through, I will be just another angry young man. And nobody want to listen to an angry young man.

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