(Paraphrasing a quote from Dream High Series) “Your story is far from over. So don’t lose your patience just because you weren’t fast enough. If you go slower then you can see more along the way. If you ask me which person will grow stronger, i think it would be the one who took it slow.”

Bila saya terbaca quote di atas (yang di quote dari TV Series di atas), saya teringat mengenai satu poem saya yang disiarkan dalam SEMASHUR yearbook yang pertama dulu. Saya ingat-ingat lupa, tetapi saya sangat ingat satu perenggan. (If you are not into poem, its okay. Me too. It is seriously not cheesy at all. Its inspiring! bouhaha) :p

Aku berjalan dan ketinggalan,
Kerana aku tahu, yang berlari pastikan tercungap kepenatan.

We are not making excuse for failure or trying to justify why we fail, but this quote will mean a lot to those who despite failing, believe they have what it takes to bounce back.

It literally says, you win now because you are a 100m sprinter,  but in the long run I shall prevail as I am a marathon runner.

And looking back to my own life from when I first pen the poem, I could say with satisfaction that indeed, memang ada orang yang tercungap kepenatan dan ada orang yang growing from strengh to strengh.

Just one thing for us to take away today, failure does not define who you are. What you do when you fail, will.

Good luck! 🙂


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