I don’t claim to know everything that is to know about success. Nor I wish to imply that I am super successful.

But after 2 years in a row acknowledged as a performer in the office while at the same time pursuing an MBA with a decent result, this I do know.

Work hard, do the grunt works and never cut corners.

At least, initially.

Called it whatever you want. Work smart, time management, etc, you can only do that safely only after you have reach a certain level. When you already have a rough idea where the path leads, then you can safely take the short cuts.

If you don’t even know where the actual road lead to, to take a short cut might lead you someplace else. And the dangerous thing is, you won’t even know it.

I am all for making your job easier. I want to make my job easier too. But, be smart and don’t be lazy about it.

Good luck!


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