Minggu ini kecoh perihal sebuah syarikat minyak dan gas negara (tempat saya bertugas) akan melakukan potongan gaji, VSS dan sebagainya dengan landskap industri yang semakin teruk terjejas dengan harga minyak yang semakin merudum.

Ada orang concern dan ada juga yang mengambil peluang ini untuk membuat kenyataan sinis seperti “padan muka” dan lain-lain kenyataan yang bersifat opportunistik.

Pada saya secara peribadi, this is uncalled for.

Adakah ia memberi impak kepada kehidupan saya? Secara profesionalnya sudah tentu. Tetapi secara personalnya, tidak.

Tahun 2016 tetap akan menjadi tahun terbaik dalam hidup saya so far, lebih baik dari tahun 2015 dan 2014, dan hidup saya tetap akan lebih baik dari majoriti manusia yang hidupnya dalam auto-pilot, because I live a purposeful life.

Cabaran-cabaran ini saya sudah maklum ketika melakukan Annual Audit dan saya tak nampak apa-apa masalah. Challenges will come and go. Big people solve big problems, small people get stuck with small things.

Saya yakin PET akan survive and thrive because we have among the smartest workforce in the country. The leaked internal memo was not a news. We have been preparing for this since late 2014. Throughout 2015, we worked doubly hard to lower our cost structure. We renegotiate our contracts, relook at our contractual requirement, introduce major cost-savings initiative and prioritize our projects.

For 2016, our president said we need to do a lot more of this because the situation doesn’t seem to improve. It is a rallying call, a battle-cry for the company to try even harder.

At the same time, it is a wake up call to the external stakeholders (e.g. government, etc) to basically warn them, we need some space to do our work, leave us alone or else you might unknowingly strangle this country golden goose.

I know that we as a company will weather this storm successfully. PET is not perfect, but it is one smart industry player powered by smart and capable people. Semua bising-bising sekarang ni, they don’t know that we are on Plan D already now. Means that we have Plan A, B & C previously that we have took and continuously iterate to adapt to the plunging oil price.

We are not static, we know the landscape keep changing and we proactively anticipate what will come next and we take action accordingly internally. And to the external stakeholder, we toot the horn now and say, watch out. We need space. Let us breathe a little now, give us room to manoeuvre for a win-win solution. It is akin when a plane is facing a mechanical problem. The pilot will inform this to the ATC so the ATC can do the necessary arrangement without distracting the pilot too much. The pilot need to focus to fix the problem and will report from time to time when he is able. ATC should not expect the pilot to communicate every 30 seconds because that is not the most productive use of his time. The same here.

This is not doomsday. This is just a test. Survival of the fittest.

Insya Allah, we will get through this. It is our duty to ensure PET survival.

Optimist Executive