Orang cakap zaman sekarang, bukan zaman kerja satu company dari muda sampai tua. Ada kebenarannya, sebab saya pun dulu mula karier dekat company lain. I am okay with it.

Cuma P ni company besar, reputable dan stabil. Kalau nak pindah company, definitely it need to be to an equal or better company. Memandangkan P adalah Fortune100 company, susah nak cari company yang equal or better tu. Anyhow, this is not much a concern for me. I have an open mind regarding this.

Perkara kedua kita kena tengok adalah facts and numbers. Biasanya kalau kita pindah company ni, you can expect the new company to pay 25%-30%  better than the current company. Kalau less than that, it might not be worth it because you will leave behind your network, good will and need to start all over again. Ini normal case lah.

However for me, an increase of 30% pun will be quite meaningless because it will be just on paper. 30% salary increase for a job in KL will only give me an equivalent lifestyle that I enjoy in Kerteh. 30% increase will go towards much higher rental, higher transportation cost, higher entertainment cost and higher groceries.

So for this option to work, I need to get myself a job with significantly higher responsibility in a moderately established company with an increase of at least 60% or better in pay. 

Which I am not sure a real option atau tak. Ada ke company macam ni?

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