I have a minor headache today. I could not recall when is the last time I suffer from one. For sure, its long time ago. This one was caused by stress from the office. Managing a team is a little bit harder compared to when you are just part of the team. Now I have a project team of my own. Albeit small, it is still a headache to run especially if things are not running smooth. Luckily the stress I got is just caused by the trouble in managing people to best optimize their result. I believe the team have a lot more potential if we can keep friction and drama to the minimum. Headache or no headache, I still need to deliver. But it is still a good thing actually. I think having a headache as a manager is far better than having headache when you are just one of the team member. At least you got quality problems to solve. And it shows you have a job in this troubled economy (not that I need one, it is just for effect).

I haven’t write about my latest trip to Guangzhou yet, but the pictures were already uploaded. Do check them under About Me> Photos. When I have sometime, definitely I will post a full review.

New Gizmos

Almost 9 months ago, I wrote my wish list (here), an iPod touch and a netbook. I try to rationalize myself into not buying either. But I also note that it is very hard not to. It is just a matter of which one first. Well, I am not really proud of it, but it has manifest itself now. Not only I have an iPod touch (which is superb btw!) ~few months already, a black & cute Netbook ~bought last month, but I have also bought a new phone, Nokia E63.


Well, the phone that my sis gave me died on Ummairah last weekend. And having used to a relatively modern phone (which I use its Bluetooth Modem function often especially when I am in Kuantan), I could not just use the extra phone my father has (he has a lot of old phones). And I bought  a new one (to find out later that the K800i that my sis gave me can be repaired for just RM 40~which I also did and gave to Ummairah as her UPSR gift).

The salesguy is so polite and helpful. You know how I have this spot for sales right? And this guy is saying all the right things and gave me an irresistible offer. Add to that I have been dreaming and researching about BlackBerry for weeks, its not my fault right? Aha… 😉

Anyway, at least it is better than BlackBerry. And I got a good price on it. Anyway, I am pretty satisfied with it. Just could not imagine myself be in this situation. Having 2 expensive gadgets in the pocket. I like it, but I just don’t like paying for it. 🙂

Lesson learnt for you, delay your gratification. I know I am not doing too well on it, but hey, at least I delay it for 9 months! And this is the first time I actually bought a decent new phone for myself. :p (need to remember I need to be stronger and more diciplined about this in the future~hence this post)

Good luck!


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